IELTS (International English Language Testing System)

IELTS is the pre-requisite for the selection process in world’s top most universities and colleges. It is way to measure the language skill of people who want to study or work in a country where English is used as a language of communication. It uses 9 bands scale to make out levels of one’s aptitude. IELTS is available in two test versions: Academic and General Training. Both versions endow with a applicable and precise assessment of Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.
Our training programs and books are tailored in a way that it gives sufficient practice to the students in techniques and modules required for taking IELTS test with full confidence. Our focused training programs provide the candidates enough grounding to obtain high scores in IELTS.



Why IELTS from Saviour?

Largest Network- We have seven centers in and outside Ludhiana having 30+ trainers. We have four leading centers in Ludhiana and three outside Ludhiana.

Tailor made Product- We have self designed syllabus which includes prearranged session plans and text material, keeping in mind the personal analysis of a student.

Bounce the Score-You will be getting special free session every month by international experts on all the four modules of Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening that will enhance your conceptual skills on cracking IELTS scores. Our training staff who are proficient in any specific module with 8+ bands will guide you by giving you practical training.

FREE IELTS Simulation Test with TRF Every Month- Simulation Test is a kind of model IELTS test and free analysis that will save your IELTS fees of rupees  11,800/- in case you are not well prepared for the same. It will also grant you with an exposure to our outside invigilators.

Parents’ Teacher Meeting- Parents can approach to meet trainers and assess their child’s level.  We let the parents know their child’s assessment directly from the trainers.

FREE Orientation Session- The day you join us, we will provide you with a briefing session to make you familiar with the running status of the class.

FREE Visa Counseling by Experts’ Team- You undoubtedly will get a mini guide or main guide for your course option in any of the non-native country.

FREE Personality Development Session- Once in a month we work to boost your personality. English is not about cracking IELTS, your dream of getting settled in overseas cannot be achieved if you do not have a pleasing personality and strong communication skills.

Individualized Academic Support- Everyday while practicing all the four modules, Reading and Listening  will be done with post analysis whereas Writing and Speaking with both pre and post analysis.

Vocabulary Session- 20 minutes includes Thematic Vocabulary to enhance your linguistic range.

Weekly Performance Card- A report is created in class that will reflect the improvement of a student on weekly basis so that a student can plan to take a test date as early as possible.

FREE Unlimited Extra Classes- Every student gets personal attention from trainers for unlimited time so that we can become more result oriented.

ERP Assess for Online Testing- Enterprise Resource Planning provides a student login ID and a password to get tips & techniques, question solving and a lot more of their interest.

Transparent Academic Planner-The designed syllabus gets reflected on the ERP and the trainer is well prepared before delivering the lecture. The student can clearly see the syllabus before entering the classroom.



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