About Managing Director

Mr. Mitesh Malhotra is the Managing Director and founder of Saviour Education Abroad. He is one of the Best Overseas Educational Consultant in Ludhiana.He is an education industry veteran. He has worked with almost all leading brands in education industries at various strategic positions. He has been recently awarded by Australian and Indian government for his work in career counseling. He is known for his passion and dedication in the field Career counseling. He has conducted career counseling sessions at some of the prominent schools in India such as Sardar Patel Vidyalay New Delhi, DSP Dwarka New Delhi, DSP Ghaziabad, DSP Noida, Master Dei School Delhi, Convent of Jesus and Merry School New Delhi, Army Public School, He has represented many companies as knowledge partner from Times of India for many seminars and workshop. He says career counseling is much more than giving suggestions about different courses, college and universities. Infact giving information about colleges and courses is a very part of good and robust career counseling process.


He further elaborates by saying that the process of career counseling should entail a detailed understanding of students’ aptitude, their personality, their interest and inclinations. He says that just like good doctor first diagnose the patient and understand the ailment in the patient, in the way counselor should first analyze the students’ requirement before deciding on the road map that has to be suggested to the student.

He feels that career counselor should be trained in understanding the way psychometric tools work and the real importance of these tools, beforehand. Further he says that the career counselor must be empathetic towards the student and understand their urge during the whole process of recommendation and suggestion. He briefs the whole opinion by saying,


 "We believe in creating leaders not laborers."