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At Saviour Education Abroad, we welcome you to the gateway of overseas solution, providing services to Indian students in making educational avenues abroad accessible to them. SEA is a leading educational group, one of the best of its kind. We offer wide-ranging classroom preparation programs for tests such as IELTS and PTE. By visiting our website you certainly would have taken first stride towards gratifying your dreams and aspirations to study, live and work in the five leading countries of the world. We put forward to velvet your path to these countries and prepare you ahead of time to amalgamate you into the culture, study and work environment of those countries by facilitating you with our expertly designed mini guide (career planner). This is your first step towards career enrichment and we make certain that you get the pre-eminent of our services. 

What is Saviour?

We are Overseas Educational Consultants’ organization dedicated towards providing services to the Indian students in making educational avenue abroad accessible to them. As a leading consultancy we are the one stop solution provider for all the students who desire to pursue their higher studies in abroad and boost their career.

From the first meeting to the time of decision letters, SEA can efficiently guide you through the application process to help obtain adequate results. SEA with its know-how is gifted to make you responsive of the variables such as course content, reputation, location, safety, cost, social life, business and job opportunity etc which cannot be ascertained by merely reviewing websites and brochures. For this we present before you our professionally designed career planner. SEA has been committed to facilitate tailored harmonization between student and their future college. A combination of specific training and experience in the field allows us to recommend a college best suited to potency and interest of students.

SEA is a leading, venerated and vastly specialized consultancy organization affianced in career counseling and providing authentic guidance to Indian students seeking higher education overseas.

Tracing our emergence since year 2009, we have instigate the use of expertise to impart English language proficiency so that the students could not only excel in the language based test but improve their communication skills and build a stout personality.

To get your career on roll begin with contacting us for scheduling a free counseling session with our proficient counselors. We counsel for courses abroad and related resources including certificate, diploma, graduate, post-graduate, and research.We convey,

·         Up-to-date and intensive education counseling on Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Canada.

·         Application processing and visa processing for all the destinations. 

·         Pre-departure session and on-arrival assistance.

·         IELTS and PTE support.

·         Travel arrangement including foreign exchange.

·         For over 5 years of track records, we influence on the resources of entities and the strength of our global network with highly regarded universities to provide first class education in learning environment resulting plenty of exposure to real life business world.

Our Missions 

 Our aim is to create leaders not laborers. We put you on priority. Putting ourselves in your shoes, we do our best to simplify the immigration and global education process so as to let your dreams come true."


Our Vision 

"To see the leading personalities from India in every corner of the world representing Saviour Education Abroad."



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