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Our Psychometric Career Assessment are based on universally accepted Career Test theories on Aptitude, Personality and Interest assessments. These Psychometric Career Assessments are further fine tuned to suit the Indian standards by a panel of Career Counsellors, Psychologists and Research team. And the report is made easy to understand, so that even a person who is just Class 9th or 10th can be easily understand and take action based on them. These Psychometric Career Assessment are further refined and updated regularly by the inputs of our more than 1100 career counsellors who use them regularly to assess their students.

These Psychometric Career Assessment evaluate a candidate on the following criteria:

Aptitude based assessment:

- Factual
- Deliberate
- Assertive
- Gregarious
- Spontaneous
- Imaginative
- Passive
- Solitary

Personality based assessment:

- Verbal Ability
- Numerical Ability
- Clerical Ability
- Spatial Ability
- Closure Ability
- Psychomotor Ability
- Mechanical Ability
- Reasoning Ability

Interest based assessment:

- Realistic
- Artistic
- Investigative
- Social
- Enterprising
- Conventional

We are Delhi a based team of young and experience career counselors and industry exerts. Since year 2009 we are working in the field of education management and career counseling. Our founder Mr Mitesh Malhotra is an education industry veteran. He has worked with almost all leading brands in education industry at various strategic positions.He is been recently awarded by an Australian and Indian government for his work in career counseling.

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