France is one of the Western European countries, encompassing medieval cities, alpine villages and Mediterranean beaches. Paris, the capital city is famous for its fashion houses, classical art museum and Eiffel tower. The country is also known for its classy cuisines and wines. Lyon’s Roman theatre, Lascaux’s ancient cave drawings and the cosmic Palace of Versailles demonstrates the richness of France’s historical background. The official language is France is French whereas several regional languages are also spoken. The education system of France has conquered the international standards. The system is governed by The Education Act of 1996. The immigration process of France is jostle free which is the main point of attraction. 

Why Study in France?

The education system of France is monitored by the Education Minister very closely therefore the quality of education is very high. To get the study visa of France, IELTS is not required. English is though the vastly spoken language. Student from across the world come to study here. 

Cost of Study and Living 

The average tuition fees for bachelor degree in France 4.500 EUR to 8.600 EUR whereas for master degree it is 5.100 EUR to 10.1700 EUR. For international students the accommodation is included. The cost of living is very low in considering food, clothes, movie, outing etc.


Visa Information of France

To have an opportunity to study in France candidate needs to submit duly completed application, passport, resume, statement of purpose, academic certificate, medical certificate and proof of English language.  Covering letter and copy of itinerary from agent is also required to be submitted. 

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