Singapore is a leading destination, treasured with top-notch Educational Institutions . It is multi-ethnic city combining the universal knowledge. It is a developed country growing at rapid speed and education is the very key of this intensification. Being a multi-ethnic province, there can be found five main linguistic groups namely; Malays, Tamil, English, Mandarian and Singapore whereas English is widely spoken as a language of business and administration.

 If we talk about climatic conditions of Singapore, it is hot and humid throughout the year. The temperature ranges from 22 to 33 degree Celsius. From May to August the climate in Singapore is hottest whereas November to January witness heavy rainfall.


Singapore is a beautiful place full of enormous number of feasting places and shopping spots. Food and cuisine is always found delicious in every corner of Singapore.

Why Study in Singapore ?

Singapore offers an international student the opportunity to be a part of a multi-cultural society. Students are offered with various educational programs viz. mass media, IT business, hospitality, engineering, law, MBA, communication etc. Students get attractive city atmosphere. Vitality of courses attracts the students from all over the world. Infrastructure work in Singapore is seen by government at large scale and a huge investment is made by authority in it which is a great work opportunity. Public sector is also under progress. 


Visa Information Singapore

To have an opportunity to get Visa of Singapore candidate has to apply for e-visa (electronic visa) online. All the processing will be done online itself after submitting online application through an authorized visa agent. Any having Singpass account living in Singapore and sponsor a visa of a person by submitting their application online. A  candidate need a passport with validity of 6 months and a duly completed and attested Form 14A. Visa processing fees for each application is S$ 30 that can be paid either by Master/Visa card or Debit/Credit card only. Singapore is strict with the immigrants’ identity. So while providing the photo one has to take care. One has to get the photo clicked on a white background with no headgear. In case the candidate habitually wears it, it should not hide his/her features. The image should cover the face of application from peak to chin with matt or semi matt finish. Any negligence may lead to rejection of application. All the documents should be translated into English before submitting. 

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