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For an international student USA is one of the most wanted destinations. USA has more than 4000 educational institution and a wide variety of courses to choose. Student is free to opt for the course of their choice. USA is abundant with many qualities to attract people from different countries.


The Universities and Colleges of USA are renowned for imparting excellence quality education. A student having degree from University of USA is sought after by employers all over the world and their degree is recognized worldwide.  The motives of educational institutions are to enhance overall personality of the students, independent thinking, self-confidence, cross-culture communication skills. Teaching is designed in a way to be applicable to have practical knowledge.


Most of the universities of USA believe in imparting practical training and variety of academic programs. A student is free to choose course which suits their interests. In the Universities of USA there is a office for international students, which provides them services and assistance be it campus oriented or resume preparation. 

Why Study in USA?

Though there is massive numbers of advantages of studying in USA, it is also essential that a student   choose a suitable course and right institution. One needs to choose a reliable counselor to seek purpose information and make analysis make a sound decision. Planning is very important to consider certain options such as: Academic eligibility, cost, time, and employment opportunity and student life while living in USA. Once you choose the course consider the eligibility requirements. The average living expenses including tuition fee is around $20,000 per academic year. A student always seeks a good homely environment, secular culture, good employment opportunity, peace of mind. 


VISA Information USA

To get a Student Visa for USA candidate needs to submit original passport, academic certificates, IELTS result, , work experience certificate (if applicable), bank statement showing enough of funds required for living in USA including expenses, course expenses according to the duration of the program. Some U.S. colleges offer opportunities for gifted student athletes to play for the college team as a means of paying for their education. An international student is free to ask for financial assistance from US government. 


Living Cost and Accommodation

Living cost of USA on an average is US$ 9,000 to US$ 11,000. Living off campus with a relative or friend save money though. Universities except fresher to stay in the campus itself. Students who apply before deadlines are guaranteed to get an in house accommodation. Whereas others can take an accommodation outside the campus. 


 Work Permission

A student is allowed to work 20 hours per week but only on campus during first year. 15 hours of working enables you to pay for books, clothing, and personal expenses. But campus job does not enable you to go for major expenses. One can apply for permission to work for 20 hours while first year of study through Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS).

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